Important Announcements

Out of an abundance of caution, to protect our neighborhood residents, and until further notice, the neighborhood playgrounds, pavilion and clubhouse will be closed, to prevent the possible contact and spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Please make sure children and teens are aware, as well.

Thanks for your cooperation!

– HOA Board of Directors


Attention Hannover Residents Served By Meadowhill MUD ONLY

(Click on the letter image to download a PDF copy)


Important Service Announcement – March 24, 2020

To better protect our employees from potential exposures and to continue to provide our customers with essential services, we are taking the following measures effective Wednesday March 25, 2020:

USA Waste Solutions will be reducing the collection of trash and recycling to Cart/Cans/Bins only. USA Waste Solutions will be suspending collection services on any item(s) left outside the container for trash and recycling. This reduction in service includes any bulky and yard items typically picked up and any extra recycling material left outside the Cart/Cans/Bin.

Trash collection in Cart/Cans will be limited to the equivalent of two 96gal Carts.

Recycling collection will be limited to two 18gal bins or a single Cart/Can provided by USA Waste Solutions or the container designated by your HOA or MUD.

Carts and bins are available to rent. Contact us today to secure yours., (281) 974 2409, or